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Latest Tibet Travel Permit and Travel information

2018 Latest Tibet Travel Permit and Travel information

Following are the Latest Tibet travel update. These updates are subject to change at any time. So please contact your travel agency for detail information. When you contact them please write them your detail itinerary from home to Tibet and Back. In this way, your Tibet travel agency can guide you smoothly through the process and procedures.

Tibet to launch free winter tour sites from November. According to the regional tourism development commission of Tibet Autonomous Region of China. Tibet will offer winter discounts for flights, hotels, and some of its scenic spots starting Nov 1.

The region launches the same policy in February, It received more than 770,000 tourists from January and February, 45 percent more compared to the same period the previous year. Read more here

From now on if you are travel to Lhasa from Chongqing in Train, you are required to present the Original Tibet Travel permit at the Train station in Chongqing. You will have to either send your hotel (Chongqing) information to your travel agency in Lhasa or have arrange someone in Chongqing to deliver your permit in Chongqing.

We can send your permit either to your hotel or have some one deliver it at the train with extra cost.

Before, Your train ticket booking agency in China can get the original train ticket from the station and send to your hotel. But this year there is a change in the rules. In the new rules, the individual can only withdraw the ticket only with the Original passport.

The rule is same for canceling the train Ticket too. Without the passport in hand, no one can cancel the train ticket. So when you book the train ticket please be extra careful with the itinerary and every thing.

Tibet is open to Norwegian visitors. But all the tours have to organized with a local Tibetan travel agency in Tibet.  We can organize all the different kinds of tours in Tibet. We offer Tibet private tours and Tibet Group tours for the backpackers in Tibet.

Our Associate in Nepal has updated us that, Chinese Embassy in Kathmandu is not going to issue any group visa from 18th September to 28th October 2017.

Also, there is a closure for visitors traveling to Tibet in the month of October for ten days.

If your tour plans are coinciding with these latest developments please contact your agencies to make changes accordingly

Tibet Nepal Border opens: Tibet Tourism Bureau is issuing Tibet travel permit for the overland journey between Tibet Autonomous region of China and Nepal.

Tibet travel Permit situation remains same. It’s being issued to all the international visitors.

  1. The Road from Nyintri to Lhasa is closed until November for the completion of Nyintri- Lhasa express road. So if you are planning to go to Lhasa to Nyintri, you will have to take the southern route via Tsedang, this route is  606 Kms, instead of 410 Kms directly from Nyintri to Lhasa.
  2. Yumbulhakang’s (the oldest fort in Tibet) in Tsedang, The management committee for Fort has recently announced the fort will be closed for next four month for timely maintenance.

According to the latest update from Tibet Tourism Bureau. Tibet Tourism Bureau has stopped issuing group visa invitation letter for less the 3 member group. If you are coming from Nepal then the group size must be 3 or more. If you are individual or two member group coming from other cities of China, get the visa without visa invitation. Contact us @ itibettravel@gmail.com for more.

The two-day Top Urgent Visa:
This service has been suspended and is not applicable right now. I don’t know yet when they will resume this service again. We will inform all of you as soon as we hear from the circulars from the Chinese Embassy. Please tell your clients not to book their tickets think they will get in 2 business days. (I mean applying today and getting the visa tomorrow).

The Chinese Embassy in Kathmandu, Nepal has announced new restriction for the Chinese Group Visa. According to this restriction, these 26 nationalities should obtain the Chinese visa or  Tibet Group Visa from the Chinese Embassy in their home country:
Those 26 countries are; 

1) Pakistan  2) Bangladesh  3) Sri Lanka  4) Afghanistan  5) Azerbaijan  6) Lebanon  7) Syria  8) Iraq  9) Iran  10) Kazakhstan  11) Kyrgyzstan  12) Tajikistan  13) Turkey  14) Uzbekistan  15) Albania  16) Democratic Republic of Congo  17) Ghana  18) Cameroon  19) Kenya  20) Libya  21) Mali  22) South Sudan  23) Nigeria  24) Somalia  25) Tunisia  26) Chad.

Tibet Nepal Border reopens

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