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Tibet travel permit! What is it?

Tibet travel permit is call in different ways by different tour service providers. we are now familiar with word such as the Tibet visa, and Tibet permit. Actually its all a same, it’s a different name for one single document must for you (foreign traveler) to travel inside Tibet autonomous region of Tibet. In short it is a document you need to get entrance into Tibet Autonomous region of People’s republic of China.

How do i get Tibet travel permit?

Tibet travel permit is a document issued by Tibet tourism bureau in Lhasa. Since it is issue in Lhasa, Tibet, your travel agency or your tour operator in Lhasa can only apply it for you. You need to book a tour with them and you will need to send you passport and visa (if you are not entering from Nepal).

How long will it take to make Tibet travel permit?

The process of making your Tibet permit is could differ as per your itinerary. if your itinerary consist the sensitive place such as like Mount Kailash region (far western region of Tibet), Mount Everest Base Camp and southern Tibet. you permit process could take about fifteen to twenty-one days and even more as per the policy of Tibet tourism bureau and regional government of Tibet.

If your itinerary only has a Lhasa and central Tibet region. the process could take not more the seven days. over all, the duration for making the Tibet travel permit would differ from Time to Time. please keep following for update.

What are the Document necessary for applying Tibet travel permit?

Your passport copy, your visa copy, the bank slip proving that you have actually booked your tour to Tibet. This why every travel agency in Tibet and Lhasa are asking you to send a minimum of 30% of total cost to the tour.

When and where do i get the permit in Hand?

If you are coming into Tibet via flight from any other major cities of China. You must have permit in Hand when boarding the plane. you will need to find out and discuss how there will manage to hand you your Tibet permit. In most of the cases, Your permit will be deliver to your hotel if you are staying in overnight in other cities before flying to Lhasa. If you are not staying at any cities but taking transits in other cities. you permit will be delivery to you at the Airport.

You must ask the travel agency for the phone number of the delivery person, so you can make a call if he is not visible. What i do most of the time, I would urge all the travelers to take transits at the Chengdu city. Where my elder brother would make the delivery to them.

If you are taking train to Tibet you do not need the Original permit in hand, you can make a print out your permit from the mail and show it to them while boarding into train. you guide (me, if you are using my service) will be waiting for you at the train station with the Tibet travel permit in hand.

The last criteria is if you are coming from Nepal. Whether you are coming overland to Tibet or flight to Tibet from Lhasa. you will not have permit in hand, until you reach Tibet. Remember, you need to do Visa in Nepal if you are coming from Nepal. please do not apply for visa from any place other than Nepal. Once when you reach in Nepal we will sent you the visa invitation from Nepal. You will have to go to the Chinese Embassy in Nepal to get a group Visa three days before you real day of departure. please write them a mail some time prior to your Tour. Some of my friend did sent them mails and told me they do reply the mail.

But to cut all the extra work and extra days in Nepal while applying for the Visa. I would suggest you to take a transits in Chengdu and you travel agency would have your permit deliver at the air port.

No one will arrange Tibet permit only service. you must book entire tour service with whom ever is making your permit. I can arrange Tibet tours including Tibet travel permit

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