Tibet travel guide

Tibet travel guide:

Traveling in Tibet to some extent might seem little complicating to many international travelers. Besides being a popular tourist destination over the decades, Tibet travel is not yet very well understood by many. It’s important to have a good knowledge of how to before making your travel plan.

Travelers must understand that traveling to Tibet is little different than other regions of the People’s Republic of China. The differences are; Your tour must be organized with a travel agency in Tibet, hence they will need to arrange a tour guide and private vehicle for your journey.

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Tibet Travel Agency

There are many travel agencies based in Lhasa, who are excellent in arranging your tour in Tibet. There is no way, travelers can travel to Tibet without assistance from local travel agencies. You will need to get a Tibet travel permit, which is sometimes known as Tibet permit or Tibet visa, which could be made only by  Tibet local travel agency.

Tibet Tour Guide

When you are in Tibet, you must have a tour guide along with you. The licensed Tour guide must travel with you from the beginning to the end of the tour.  Many new tour guide lacks command in Languages and knowledge of Tibetan culture and traditions. If you have booked the Tibet tour directly with the Local travel agencies you are more likely to get a best of the tour guides. There are many travelers booking Tibet tour with tour companies based in Nepal of the budget tour. I mean no harm but those are unwanted middlemen. it is more likely that you will end up with Tibet tour operators, who are less experienced and the Tibet travel guide, who are the worse. I met French men three years back in Lhasa. when I ask him how was his tour then the answer was “I should not have come to Tibet”. His tour guide doesn’t even understand what he is telling him, and the driver keeps asking him for more money every single day.

Traveling to Tibet is not really that frequent and traveling to Tibet to many is once in many years. You didn’t want to end up in this nightmare. So it is very important for the travelers to make an informed decision about Tibet tourism beforehand.

Tibet Tourist Vehicle

Vehicles are another hindrance. International travelers must travel in Tibet only in tourist licensed vehicles. this is to offer a safer ride on the mechanical side. Every year all the vehicles in the People’s Republic of China need to get tested to extend its document. But human error can’t be omitted with this test. So we will need to consider the human capabilities of the drivers. Most of the Drivers are very well adept in this professionals. There is always an argument between travelers and the tour providers about not providing the car as promised on the mail. No international travelers are allowed to use local transportation for off the city journey. Most of the local travel agencies have their own tourist car or know the driver very well.

Tibet Travel Permit

There are many Types of travel permits base on the area you are traveling to. Your tour guide waits for you at the border with the permit in his hand, if you are entering from Nepal. You will need to have it in hand at the train station or the Airports if you are coming in from other provinces of China.

Tibet travel permit is the biggest confusing factor in after making the decision to travel to Tibet. There are many websites providing the confusing information about the travel permit. but my suggestion is going to the right agencies and book your tour with them and you don’t have to worry about it. if you would like to know then visit my page in Tibet permit.

Many times my clients are asking me if we can send the permit out of the country. Tibet travel permit starts to process only the 15 days before the real arrival date and the process of making the permit take more than a week, which is why you permit wait for you within the jurisdiction of PRC. If you are entering into Tibet from other provinces of China your permit will be either post to your hotel or someone will deliver it to you. Whenever we have someone taking transit in China, We always ask them to take the transit in Chengdu so we can have our agent residing in the city to deliver it to you anytime. please read here is how to get Tibet travel permit for detail.

Chinese VISA to Travel to Tibet

Another important things to consider is the Chinese VISA. Many websites and travel agencies are telling people not to mention you Tibet travel plan when applying for the Visa. For some reason, it is easier for both parties if not mentioning your Tibet travel plans. But there is another way of obtaining the visa, most likely embassy will ask the traveler to get a letter of invitations from your host (travel agency). We will have to make an invitation letter and get it signed by Tibet tourism bureau. We can make it but it is always better not to mention you plan to visit Tibet.

If you are entering into Tibet from Nepal, either by the flight or the Overland. You must get the Chinese Visa from Chinese embassy in Nepal. If you happen to have a visa from the Chinese embassy in other countries, your visa will not be valid for entry directly into Tibet. Which is why many travelers take transit in other cities of PRC before traveling into Tibet.

It takes about three business days to process the Chinese VISA in Nepal. We will have to send you a visa invitations to you in Nepal and you will have to apply for visa from Chinese embassy in Nepal. Normally we use our sister agency in Nepal to process our client’s visa. but some does go directly to the embassy to get it.

Last points in Tibet Travel Guide

Points to remember:

1) Local travel agencies are more reliable, effective, and provides better quality of service.
2) Tibet tours guide plays a very important role, please ask anyone in your social circle to refer you a guide. this way you will get a better tour guide. or you can ask your tour provider about the qualification of the guide there is setting you up with.
3) If coming in from Nepal, consider spending three business days in Nepal to get Chinese Visa.
4) there is lots of travel agency providing budget Tibet group tour you can join in.

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