Tibet is close from 3rd September to 13th september


Tibet is closed from 3rd September to 13th September:



23rd August: another quick update some travel agency are lucky to get the Tibet travel permit for dates within the above state window period. they have got it as their itinerary are without the Lhasa. So we are trying to check if we are getting pass-through if we remove Lhasa from the tour package. I will have more update tomorrow this time.

22rd August: As per the latest information we have received from Tibet tourism bureau. Tibet will be close for international travelers for a ten days in September, starting 3rd September to 13th September.

It most likely that Tibet permit will be issued to International travelers traveling to Tibet after 13th September. And for those traveling in Tibet in Late august and contentiously traveling in Tibet between the state period would have to leave the region before 3rd September.

click here for more information on Tibet tourism regulation 2105 

please contact your travel agency for more and detail information.

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