Tibet budget tour

Tibet Budget tour: For any foreigner traveling to Tibet, the tour must be arranged by a Local travel agency. Therefore the traveler must have a guide, permit, and the tourist vehicles. This is the main reason why the cost of traveling to Tibet is more expensive than any other places. But there are ways of reducing the travel cost for Tibet tour. As being an experienced tour guide with five years in Business,

Tibet budget tour

Followings are some of my suggestions which could help you reduce the tour price for Tibet budget tour

1) Choose a nonbusy time.

There are lots of Domestic travelers visiting Tibet, especially during the summer holidays of educational institutions and National holiday in the month of October. During those holidays all Tibet would be crowded with tourist, hence, there would be more demand for the services which increase the tour price. Foreign travelers traveling in Tibet can reduce the tour price by not choosing those months. The ideal months for Tibet Budget tour and travel are the month of April, May, June, November, and December. During this month the Tibet travel cost would Cheaper.

2) Choice of accommodations

As of my experience, when a traveler mail a travel agency about the Tibet budget tour. most of the Tibet travel agent assume that your choice of accommodation would be three-star hotels. which dramatically increase trip to Tibet cost. But there are many local Tibetan owned hotels which give the better service at a cheaper rate. House of Shambala, Ramokarpo are the epic example of those cheap yet good hotels. The traveler must ask the tour operators if they could book them a cheaper local accommodation.

3) Transportation:

There is not much you can do about reducing the cost of the transportation. But the good solution would be joining a Tibet group tour. There are lots of local travel operators providing the group tour service. By joining a group tour there is a pro and coins too. The reduce in the price is the biggest pros in joining a Tibet group tour.

4) Guide:

The guide cost is ever increasing and a good English speaking guide is the rarest commodity in Tibet. One of the best ways is finding a tour guide is through a referral from friends, who already travel to Tibet, and who already has used the guide. Once when you find a guide of your own choice. you can directly deal with the guide about the guide fees and ask the tour operators, not the include the guide fees. Many travel agency makes some extra income from guide fees. ask them to skip the guide.

5) Entrance fees to attractions

while making the tour price, all the travel company do include every tourist attractions of the place of visit. Many charge an extra on the entrance fees. You can reduce the tour price by asking the tour operator you will pay the entrance fees by your own. In this way, you can reduce the cost of the guide.

The most effective ways in traveling in Tibet on the budget is by joining a group tour in nonbusy seasons. There are many travel agencies running a small Tibet group tours. The most prominent are small group tour with less the eight members in a group. There are also lots of travel operator running group tours in a bus with more than 8 members in a group. But many travelers don’t prefer such kind of tours.

When you join a group tour, you will share guide fees and vehicle cost and this helps you in reducing the travel cost drastically. There are lots of local Tibet guide, who are also operating Tibet tours and many of them provide the private tour as the cost equivalent of the many big name travel agency.

Here are the some reasons why choosing me as your tour operator for Tibet budget tour, can help you reduce your tour price.

I am a Tibet tour guide, so for the tour, i will be guiding at the market fees (the amount which travels agencies pays me for service) in this way you can save 20 USD per day.

I am using my uncle’s car for the tours, which means there are no middlemen in booking the car. I charge what I pay to my uncle, nothing more.

I have been guiding for over half the decade and I know which hotel provides good services at a lesser rate. The cost of hotels in my price would be the cost I am paying them. Since I have been very friendly relations with many hotels over a year. I can arrange the tour with the best of the best local Tibet hotels.

I always welcome any of my friends to ask some hand full of another travel company before fixing the price with me. Once when a person has some price option you can tell me the price other are offering with information about what is included and what is not included in the price in this way I can give you an even better price. I offer every reader a price challenges for the Tibet tours and travel.

If there is any information you would like to know about Tibet tourism, please write to me on itibettravel@yahoo.com. I will be always happy to share you rightful Tibet travel information. or click here to read about Tibet budget tour from the land of snows.

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