Backpacking in Tibet

Backpacking in Tibet is probably listed on the numbers wish list many backpackers. Tibet is one of the very expensive destination for travelers and it tourism information is one of the most misinformed and miss lead. As a local Tibet travel agency in Lhasa, Tibet. here is our advice in making a backpacking dream in Tibet into realization.

Tibet (Tibet autonomous region) is expensive travel destination. but the tour can be made cheapest as much as possible.

  • Joint other travelers to Visit Tibet. there are many travel agencies in Lhasa, offering the opportunity for budget travelers and backpacker to join with other travelers. The common terms as we use in Lhasa is the group tour. there is various travel agency offering group tours to different travel route. We also do offer the group tour services. click here to find out more about Our group tours.
  • The cheapest group tours of all the group tours are the four to three days tour in Lhasa. your travel will in limited only in Lhasa yet it is a good experience to consider too.
  • Tibet is not just a Tibet autonomous region of China. They are lots of other regions in China where Tibet people reside for thousand of years and has similar Landscape, culture and region and moreover more travelers does not require Permits and can hitchhike, it’s like hitchhiking in Tibet. if you would like to know more about the traveling in other Tibetan region in China, please read my friend Jamin blog about it
  1. Gansu part of Amdo
  2. Qinghai Part of Amdo
  3. Qinghai Part of Kham 
  4. Sichuan part of Amdo
  5. Sichuan Part of Kham
  6. Yunnan Part of Kham

There is no option for an international traveler of hitchhiking in Tibet autonomous region of China. The travel regulation clearly state, it requires a traveler to organizes a tour with a travel agency and should have a guide and Private tourist cab service.


Jokhang temple in Lhasa.

Here is some ideas on how to make your travel to Tibet little cheaper for backpacking in Tibet.

  1. Join a group tour and ask your travel agency to book your rooms in a guest house in Lhasa. Cool Yak, Ramokarpo are two guest house I would recommend for backpackers. Yak hotel, the three-star hotel has a dormitory at about 50 RMB a night.
  2. Ask you travel agency you do not need cab service while you are in Lhasa, you can use the local public transportation and the group can save about 100 USD per day.
  3. Don’t visit all the places your travel agency would recommend, there are lots of temples which is of free entrances. you can visit those places.
  4. Bring lots of eatables, there are lots of cheap food option available. there are lots Tibetan tea shops selling noodles and Momo (dumpling), there are also lots of Han Chinese restaurants selling noodle, Rice soup and Chinese Dumpling too.
  5. Ask your travel agency to send you a price breakdowns so that it can help give you a better idea about how much the price is and you can do better bargain with them.
  6. Contact a local Tibetan travel agency in Lhasa. if the travel agency is not a local that means it is a middlemen.
  7. Pay the entrance fees by your own self. ask you travel agency not to include the entrance fees into the price and you can pay the entrance fees by your own self.



Here are some final words from a Tibet travel experts on Backpacking in Tibet.

  1. Backpacking in Tibet autonomous region is not possible as it is elsewhere. Because Independent travel is not allowed.
  2. But you can make your tour less expensive by following the above ideas
  3. Visit other regions of part Tibetan parts of China.


Here are some of the recommended Tibet tours for Backpackers

  1. Central Tibet Journey, $910 per person .
  2. Lhasa to Mount Everest Base Camp. $925 Per person 
  3. Lhasa to Mount Everest Base camp and Kailash. $1830 per person
  4. Lhasa and Yamdrok Lake, $550 USD per person


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