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Welcome To i Tibet Travel

We are i-Tibet travel.  An Authentic Tibetan owned and staffed local Tibetan travel Agency in Lhasa, Tibet. Our Agency is registered as Tibet Whole World International Tours Co. LTD  with the Tibet Tourism Bureau and Other local governmental Departments. Our Agency in founded in the year 1997 so far we have 1000 thousands of happy and satisfied clients.

We are a small Tibet tour operator with considerable hard working Tibetan travel professionals. All our  Tibetan tour guide can speak understandable English yet they have abundances of knowledge about our local culture, Buddhism, and life on the highland of Tibet.

We offer; Group join in tours to all the popular travel routes in Tibet, Flexible private Tibet tours, High-end VIP tours for business and corporate tours in Tibet and Outdoor tour including trekking tours and Tibet active tours.

What makes us stand above the rest of Tibet travel agencies in Market is, we measure our success on the customer satisfaction and Contribution we are able to make each year back to society. We are living up to our optimal benchmark in providing utmost Tibet experiences for travelers and in terms of contributing back to society, we often over exceed our limited generosity to help people in need and more over help people to help themselves.

Chief Tour Planner and Tour Adviser


Tenzin Woaber

Tenzin Woaber is our Chief Tour planner and Tour operaor of our travel agency and personally, meets with a majority of our clients who go to Tibet. Woaber has been exploring Tibet for nearly 15 years

Our mission statement

Our guest is our god
  1. Building unforgettable Tibet and Tibetan memories through travel
  2. Promoting local tourism to boost Tibetan experiences
  1. Optimal Tibet and local Tibetan experience
  2. Ensuring Tibet travel permit deliverance at 100% rate
  3. Offer excellent tour packages to suit every mood and every pocket
  4. Leverage Information & Technology to smoothen the wrinkles of traveling.
  5. Regular updates of service quality base on guest feedbacks
  6. Employment of local Tibetan tour guide and other tour crews.
  7. Use of Local Tibetan facilities for promote regional economy.
  1. Our Ethics
  2. Our local knowledge of Tibet, Tibetan lifestyle, Religion, culture and its offerings
  3. Our wish to serve and create happy memories
  4. Our Backward and Forward linkages ensuring seamless connectivity and luxurious stay
  5. Our dedicated and loyal employees (All Tibetan guides and tour professionals)
  6. Knowledgeable and friendly Tibetan guides and tour escorts.
Putting customer loyalty and satisfactions before profits.

Why us

  • We are Tibetan tour professional and local expert, providing Tibet tour service. which means you will meet us in Lhasa and we will take be your guide for the tour.
  • Every client and visitors are guess to us. as being Tibetan we consider our guest as most important person, you and your needs would be very high priority in our list.
  • We are professional tour guide. We have been taking tour groups for over five years and we know how to deal with emergency situations in high land, we know how to avoid them and we know what is takes for your clients in making this tour.
  • Over years of being a tour guide, we have better personalize touch with lots of good drivers, hotels, monks in Temple and restaurant owners. We are assigning our tour only with the tourist car driver whom we know and trust. We take our groups by our self (only if we have two or more groups in Tibet). We know all the hotels in Tibet and we booked with the best of the best hotel base on recommendation of clients and our experiences.

Meet Our Team

Our Tibetan Tour Guides



Tibet tour guide Yangdol


tibet tour guide Tseten


tibet tour guide Chungda


Our Tibetan Tour drivers

tibetan tour Driver tashi norbu

Tashi Norbu

tibet tour driver passang


tibet tour driver palden


Passang Dorjee

Our Happy Clients

We are in Lhasa!